Now Who Said That?

While the Student Ministry continues through the “Decisions” series, an interesting thought has come up. Through studying the call of Elisha and Elisha’s decision to follow his mentor Elijah to the very end, we discussed how our daily decisions help us find our calling. One student mentioned we hear our calling by discerning God’s voice in our life. That brings me to a very important question, what is discernment?

A quick Google search provides that discernment is “the ability to judge well” or in a Christian context, “perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding.” We must then ask, how do we judge that a voice we are hearing or a feeling we are following are really from God? One way we can hear from God and discern the voice of God is to be in constant contact with God. We should be in a state of continual prayer, never ceasing, and regularly seeking to know God more by reading the Bible. Knowing how people from the biblical text did or did not include God in their decisions helps us understand how God can guide us.

We also discussed that finding one’s calling can be a daily habit. A person’s calling does not have to be just one thing God has called them to do. A calling can be a way of life, how one treats others around them, or just their goal of glorifying God in everything that they do. We make dozens of decisions every single day and those decisions can bring us closer to a calling from God. Being in constant communication with God, and including God in our daily decisions helps us hear God more clearly to discern God’s voice in our lives.