What’s Missing?

The Student Ministry has just started a new series called “Decisions” and we are learning about how to involve God in our small decisions, so that when big decisions come in our lives we will seek God’s wisdom. The only problem with that is what if we are not keeping a close relationship with God? What if we are being apathetic about our faith? Distance from God or a lack of caring about our faith can lead to decisions being made without even thinking about what God would want for our lives.

What can an apathetic approach to our faith really do? It has the ability to lead to sin. If we make our faith optional based on the time we have left over from the rest of our lives, it makes sinning a lot easier.

How should we become less apathetic? A suggestion from one of our students is to first recognize that we are apathetic. There are busy times in our lives when we just do not want to go down that Christian checklist. We would rather get our enormous everyday to do lists finished and then relax with our families. It is really easy to fall into a cycle of “I don’t care” and “there isn’t enough time” when it comes to our faith.

If you find yourself in this cycle, ask yourself, “what’s missing?” Another suggestion from one of our students was to be purposeful about spending time with God. A purposeful faith can lead to a change in what you value and prioritize and can even lead to wiser decisions. Do you feel something missing? How are you going to change that this month?