What is Your Faith to You?

This summer the youth are not only working on individual summer faith goals, but they are also taking turns teaching lessons. Our summer faith goals remind us how important time spent with God is, even if we miss time at church. Teaching a lesson to others can display that we actually know what we say we believe.

For those of us who have written a resume’, we love to write that we are proficient at certain tasks. While this may be true for lots of us, we may stretch the truth a bit when we proclaim proficiency. One thing I think we all believe we’ve got down is our faith. We attend church some, pray some, know some Bible verses and Bible stories, help others sometimes, and even give money. But do we learn and practice our faith to the point in which we could teach others? Isn’t that the whole point of our faith: to follow God and go and make disciples? Stepping out to teach others of the amazing things God has done for you and taught you can be terrifying, and, as Barron Wallace taught us, even when we fail, there can be perfection in the attempt.

What has God done in your life that you just have to share? Have you attempted to teach others of your faith? Is there a passion of what God has done attached to your faith, or just the usual Christian checklist?