Parkway has some of the most intelligent, well-educated, and committed laypeople of any church I’ve ever known. Sunday School teachers and other church leaders clearly spend a great deal of time studying the Scriptures and reading books that help to deepen their spirituality. However, few people outside of the ministerial professions embark on  a long-term plan of religious education that provides exposure to a broad spectrum of spiritual topics.

Churches in the metro Atlanta area, Mercer University’s Baugh Center for Baptist Leadership, and McAfee School of Theology are entering into a partnership that could change that pattern. They are initiating a new program, Christian Leadership Formation. The purpose of the partnership is “the spiritual, theological and vocational formation of Christian leaders, particularly lay leaders.” I believe many of you could benefit from taking some of the courses offered, or of taking on a course of study that would eventually lead to the Certificate in Christian Leadership.

This spring four courses will be part of the initial offering.

If you would like to have more information about this innovative program, we have brochures in the office. Our own Libby Allen is the Administrative Coordinator for the Baugh Center for Baptist Leadership and will be glad to answer any questions you might have.