Do you realize you receive at least nineteen contacts from your church each month (assuming you have email)?

Early every Tuesday you find a weekly email in your inbox. It lets you know of upcoming events, often several weeks in advance so you can mark your calendar. It helps to make you aware of mission opportunities and tells you the ways in which you can participate. It reminds people who have particular responsibilities on Sunday.

Each Friday there is a reminder email. This brief piece simply serves to remind you of what’s going on over the weekend.

There are usually a number of detailed announcements in the worship bulletin each Sunday. Okay, you actually have to be present to get those, but I’m still counting them in my list. The same is true for the announcements that are printed out for each Sunday School class.

At least once a month you will get a call from your deacon. He or she is just checking on you to see if you have any needs of which we need to be aware and to let you know of any special events that are coming up. They also stand ready to answer any questions you might have about what’s going on at the church. (You might need to know that some of them suspect you’re screening their calls, since some of you never answer your phone, but they are doing everything they can to stay in touch.)

And every month you receive the monthly newsletter like the one you are reading right now. Staff members and others let you know about ministries, programs, and activities going on in their areas, as well as offering observations about how the life of the church fits in with the life of the world.

These many informational and promotional pieces are designed to ensure that each member of Parkway is aware of what we are doing and has the opportunity to take part. This only works, of course, if you take the time to read them or to take the call from your deacon.

I realize you are bombarded with information from an incredible array of sources, almost all wanting your attention, interest, and time. It is hard for any organization to compete. However, my hope, the concern of the staff, and the goal of our church family is to offer a variety of experiences that will help us to grow closer to God and to one another, and to minister to those around us. Please take the time to be informed. You can’t say we don’t give you the opportunity.