I Sing for I Cannot Be Silent – Part 2
(Redeemed, How I Love to Proclaim It by Fanny J. Crosby)

Last month I wrote about why I find singing in worship so appealing – because it involves our whole being in worship; our mind, our body, and our emotions. Another aspect of singing in worship I find appealing is that it is often done with others. In other words, we worship together by singing together.

I have related before how I became passionate about choral music when, as a high school student, I stood on the stage of the Atlanta Civic Center with some three hundred other singers from across Georgia singing the spiritual, My God Is a Rock In a Weary Land. The power of the sound and harmony of our voices together was transcendent for me. As a choir we were creating something I could not begin to create by myself. My voice contributed to the sound, but it was not about just me. The experience was more about what we were creating together as a group. It was a life changing moment of worship for me.

As an aside, I have nothing against pop/folk/rock ensembles, aka praise band or worship team, in worship. Any type music can be used by God and God’s people to worship. However, one of the issues I have with some worship practices is the praise band is so loud you can hear nothing else. There is no reason to sing if you cannot hear yourself or anyone else in the congregation.The wonderful opportunity for group worship through congregational song is lost. I wonder if that is why some people seek these type services out. In a way, they can remain anonymous by not feeling compelled to join with others in singing.

If you have the ability to sing and are comfortable joining with others in song, I invite you to come join us in Sanctuary Choir. Our first Wednesday night rehearsal of the new choir year will be on August 15 at 7 p.m.This is an excellent time for singers who have not been involved in choir to join us and experience the transcendence of singing with others in worship.