I Sing for I Cannot Be Silent; God’s Love Is the Theme of My Song
(Redeemed, How I Love to Proclaim It by Fanny J. Crosby)

Ever wonder why people join a church choir and spend cherished time and effort faithfully attending rehearsals and performances? For me the answer to this question has to do with the nature of vocal music itself.

Music involves the whole person. Music activates the brain. Music is translating written symbols into meaningful sounds. Written music is a language and translating its symbols into accurate physical pitch, rhythm, volume, and timbre requires the same brain function as reading and interpreting any language.

Music activates the body. Vocal music involves inhaling, controlled exhaling, correct posture, vibrating vocal folds, and maximizing the cavities in your head (no puns about holes in our heads, please) and body to resonate and project those vibrations.

Music activates emotions. Music, when well written and performed capably, conveys feelings, lofty thoughts, and ideals in a way nothing else can.

These are some of the reasons I enjoy worshiping through singing. Music allows me to be wholly involved in expressing beliefs, profound thoughts and emotions dear to me. Music allows me to be completely and totally involved in worship. What a high privilege! When we sing in worship, our total being – mental, physical, and emotional – participates and resonates with worship to God.

You have an opportunity to join with others this summer in worshiping and leading others to worship through song by participating in Summer Choir. Come join us from 9 a.m. to 9:40 a.m. in the Music Suite on Sundays, beginning July 8. During that time, we will rehearse an anthem familiar to the Sanctuary Choir and present it in worship at 11 a.m. No Wednesday evening rehearsal commitment required.

I hope to see you on Sundays in Summer Choir,