Thank You,Choristers

The preacher, who was also chorister, took his position near the door so as to accommodate those without as well as those within.

(Sustained Honor by John R. Musick) defines chorister as, “a singer in a choir”.

The name chorister is still in use today, especially in the United Kingdom. However, in the United States, we commonly refer to singers in a choir as simply choir members.

While a chorister, or choir member, is correctly defined as a singer in a choir, any choir member will tell you it is not that simple. A more realistic definition would be “one who sits through hours of tedious and draining rehearsals; one who leads in worship on Sundays and other special holy days regardless of the weather, weekend plans, or minor illnesses; a dedicated individual who gives their valuable time and energy to make a worthy offering to God; one who not only tolerates the demands of an insistent choir director, but also rises to the call of service time and time again.”

It is obvious why does not include this more realistic definition of choir member – it is just too long! Although Parkway Baptist Church choir members perform all these tasks faithfully every week to the glory of God, it does not have to be a thankless job. Be sure to take time to personally thank our Parkway Baptist Church choristers for the amazing job they do every week.