We had a very busy October! I hope that you were able to attend our sessions on “Parenting in the Digital Age” and that you gained information that will help you as you raise your children in this ever-changing digital world. Also, I want to express my thanks to all of you who participated in and helped us with Trunk or Treat. We could not have events like this without your help! On behalf of all of our Parkway Kids, thank you!

As I hope you can tell, I love working with the Parkway children! I love talking to them, sharing in their walk of faith, and laughing with them at the things they find humorous.

After a recent children’s sermon on being “inclusive” rather than “exclusive”, I shared with the children that, while going over that children’s sermon, I came to the humorous conclusion that teachers “ruin them for life” by assigning seats. Children get into the habit of sitting in the same seat every day for 13 years of school (sometimes extended by college professors who do the same thing) that when they are free to sit wherever they want, they come to church and sit in the same seats every Sunday.

We all had a good laugh and then had a good discussion on the positives and negatives of sitting in the same place every Sunday. One child shared that “you find a seat you like and you stay there”. Another put all the blame on the parents. One person wondered what would happen if Dr. King and Mr. Carey sat in a different location. We all agreed that it was a good idea if they, the choir, and the musicians all stayed in assigned seats! We did decide that by sitting in the same place every Sunday, we missed out on getting to know members of our church family that sit in other places.

I tell you this story to confess that if your child rebels about sitting in the same seat every Sunday, I am to blame. On the other hand, our children may just lead us to shake things up and help us to enjoy the freedom of sitting wherever we want. After all, other than the choir, there are no seating charts at church! You may end up making a new friend!