One of the Wednesday night activities that the children and I enjoyed the most this year was Bible Art.  Each lesson consisted of a Bible story and an art activity to go along with it. The children loved the hands-on activities and I found it much easier to keep their attention for the Bible focus when their hands were busy!  

In looking at possibilities for Vacation Bible School and our Wednesday night program during the summer, I ran across an idea for “Art Camp”.  Knowing how much our children are enjoying Bible Art, I thought that taking that theme into our summer Wednesdays would be a welcome idea.  

We have many gifted artists in our church!  One idea that came out of our Children’s Committee was how wonderful it would be if some of our resident artists would share some of their talents with the children this summer.  If you are willing to donate 30 minutes or an hour of your time one Wednesday evening this summer, please let me know.  I will be happy to work with you and to prepare a devotional to go with the activity.  Any kind of art is welcome, drawing, painting, pottery, woodworking, knitting, weaving, cooking, decorating, jewelry making, etc. Please consider sharing your talent with our children!