Intercessory prayer is an important part of our church family. A large part of the adult Wednesday night Bible Study is devoted to the prayer concerns of the church. A group of ladies meets once a month to pray for and send notes to the people on our church prayer list. Many of you fill out “prayer grams”, letting people know that they have been prayed for.

Our children are taught at an early age the importance of prayer and are given opportunities to pray at every gathering. They lead us in prayer after each children’s sermon. During Sunday School and Wednesday nights, they are given the opportunity to share the names of people that they would like for us to pray for. On our days of service, the children pray for the people who will receive each of their projects. They do this to acknowledge that what they do is for the glory of God and realizing that everything and everyone is in God’s hands.

As we begin 2018, the children and I are going to put an even larger emphasis on prayer. We will begin with our church family. The children will be given prayer booklets with the names and pictures of all our church family. They will be encouraged to pray for one family each night. My hope is that this will become a family endeavor and that the children will learn more about the Parkway family by looking at their pictures and praying for each family. If they come to a family they don’t know, hopefully they will seek them out on Sunday to say hello and to let them know that they have been prayed for.

For the church family, I hope that you will feel the prayers that are being said in your behalf, and, in turn, will pray for our children. Growing up isn’t easy. Our children live with concerns that never crossed most of our minds when we were that age. School systems expect so much more from our children at a much earlier age these days. It’s no wonder doctors are seeing more stress related illnesses in children.

The bottom line is that all of us, regardless of our age or means, need prayer. In 2018 let us make prayer our emphasis.