After the recent earthquake in the Middle East, I ran across a video on the internet.  A little boy, who appeared to be around four years old, walked up to a truck where meals were being distributed with his arm around a little girl who appeared to be the same age as he.  As he walked up to the truck, he was very persistent with the adults.  According to the translation, he was saying, “You didn’t give her any food!”  The adults quickly put a plate together for the little girl.  The little boy put his arm around her shoulders and began to walk away.  One of the adults realized the boy didn’t have a plate and brought him back to the truck.  As the little boy walked away with his plate full of food, he had the biggest smile you could ever imagine on his face.

This is the kind of news stories I like to see as the holidays approach. A little boy making sure his friend had food, not worrying about himself. Unfortunately, that was not the leading news this week.

I can’t help but wonder what the evening news would have been like at the time of Jesus’ birth. We tend to paint a beautiful, peaceful picture of the world that Jesus entered.  The truth is far from that. The world was in as much turmoil then as it is now. If the world had not needed a Savior, God would not have sent one.

Today the world needs to be reminded that we have a Savior.  We need to remember that what is right has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with following Jesus.  We need to be reminded that what is important is taking care of each other.  Our focus needs to be on setting the right example for our children and doing our best to make this world a better and safer place for them to live in.

This week, at least for me, it was a small child who set the example.  Now it is our turn.