One of the new curriculums we are using on Wednesday nights is “Bible Art”. So far, we have worked with clay, craft sticks, paint, and crayons. The projects are more exploration and less direction. We take a story from the Bible and use it as a springboard for creativity. It is so much fun to see the children take different materials and turn them into their own works of art.

I remember the days when I could walk down the hallway of a school and see children’s artwork displayed on the walls. Back then every single one was exactly the same. Conformity was the rule! I still remember the day that I abandoned conformity. The displays outside my room were not always award winners, but they were each as unique as the child who created them.

That’s the beauty of Bible Art. We are all children of God, but we are all unique. God has given us each unique ideas and gifts. Bible Art is as much about learning about our gifts as it is about seeing the creative side of God.

We have a wonderful blend of unique children at Parkway. They blend together beautifully and truly enjoy just being together. While they are alike in many ways, they each have their own special personalities.

That’s just the way the family of God is supposed to be. He doesn’t want us to all be the same. He rejoices in our differences. He is exalted as our gifts flourish.

I find so much joy in working with the Parkway children. I celebrate the ways in which they are alike and the ways in which they are different. Just like the “Bible Art” projects that we create, God has created each of them to be uniquely perfect. As the holiday season approaches, I give thanks for these children and the uniqueness of each one of them.