A young kindergarten teacher once shared a beginning of the year activity with me that quickly became one of my favorites.  She took several colors of paint, paper plates, and brushes and begin to mix the paint.  The goal was to get the color to match the skin of each child as closely as possible.  All of the colors used were listed so that when the child painted the plate to make his or her own face, they could write about how many colors it took to make their own perfect skin.  

The beauty of the activity was that when all the faces were painted and the lists of colors were compared, every single child had used the same colors to make their faces.  The amounts of each color were different, but the same colors were used.  With a class of children who spoke different languages, and who came from different cultures, this activity made the statement that we were more alike than different.

Young children are amazingly “color blind”.  They judge from the heart rather that the head.  It is no wonder that Jesus said that we “are to come to him as a little child”.  We all need to master the art of seeing with our hearts rather than judging people by what we see with our eyes.

It is a shame that it takes a crisis for people to come together regardless of color.  Look at the pictures of the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  Picture after picture shows people from all races and backgrounds helping each other escape the rising flood waters or helping clean up all the debris from damaged homes.  When lives are in danger, prejudices take a back seat.  The concept of “neighbor” becomes very real.

As Christians, we should pray for “color blindness”.  It should not take a crisis for us to see people as neighbors. If we have problems learning to see with our hearts, our children are there to teach and lead us!