If there is anything that we do a good job of teaching our children, it is that Jesus loves them. We want them to have that so ingrained in them that they never doubt that, no matter where they go or what they do, they can always count on the fact that they have a Savior who will always love them. However, I am beginning to wonder if any of us, myself included, really understand that we have siblings who are equally loved by God.

People seem to have lost the ability to get along any more. Everyone seems to have a “me first” mentality. If you drive too slow or cut someone off in traffic, you may become a victim of “road rage”. Watch every word you say and how you say it or you may get a lecture on how you were disrespectful. Let’s not even touch religion and politics where people with different views can’t seem to carry on a civil conversation much less work together.

Maybe we have put too much emphasis on “me”. We grew up singing that wonderful hymn, “Jesus Loves Me”. No other song soothes the soul, no other message speaks louder than “Jesus Loves Me”. But, we must never forget that Jesus also loves “you”. Jesus doesn’t care where we live, the color of our skin, whether we are rich or poor, or how we choose to worship him. He loves us all the same.

My favorite activity that I get to do with the Parkway Kids is our Day of Service. I wish you could see their enthusiasm. I wish you could watch as they tackle project after project without complaining or asking when they can do what they want to do. I wish you could hear them as they pray for the people who will receive the results of their work.

On our last Day of Service our children made “thank you” treat bags for the John’s Creek Police Department, teddy bears for Children’s Healthcare, snack bags for the family room at Peachtree Hospice, and night lights for hospice patients. When those projects were completed, they cleaned the baseboards, doors and window frames in the sanctuary. They never asked, “When can we play?” They never said, “We’re tired. We don’t want to do this anymore.” They went from project to project without complaining.

Even when we adults forget, our children understand, we have siblings. Maybe what we all need every morning is to hear God’s voice loud and clear, “I love you all. Now play nice with your brothers and sisters.”