This year I had the privilege of attending my fourth Passport Kids Camp with our Parkway Kids.  It’s hard to believe that the children who attended for the first time the same year that I did have now attended the kid’s camp for the last time.  I cherish the bonds that we formed and the memories we have shared.  It will be difficult for me to “let go” next year as these children enter the youth program! While it is always a little sad to see a group move up into the youth, it is also a joy to see them experience new things and to welcome a new group into the Passport experience!

The theme of our Passport Kids Camp this year was Do, Love, Walk.  We spent four days exploring how we can do justice, love kindness and walk humbly.  We not only studied scripture for examples of doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly; we looked for examples all around us.

This year, we didn’t have to look far.  We are accustomed to the Passport Staff always providing excellent leadership and taking excellent care of our children.  We haven’t always been as impressed with the facility staff.  This is the first year that we have attended Passport Kids at Camp Booth in West Blocton, Alabama.  The camp is run by the Church of God.  What a difference there is between a state run camp and a church run camp!  The cafeteria staff not only fed us well, but they were shining lights of God’s love to each and every person they served.  As we completed our daily devotions and worship response times each day, I always thought of those special people who fed us, loved us, and walked humbly in their faith.

I always leave Passport Kids Camp totally exhausted, yet looking forward to the next year.  Passport is focused on helping children grow in their faith.  You will not find “conversion numbers” on their website, not because decisions aren’t made there, but because the camp recognizes that public declarations of those decisions belong in the home church.

Another year of Passport Kids Camp is in the books. Even with the stifling heat and gnats inhabiting every inch of breathable outdoor space, our experience was good.  We strengthened bonds with each other and formed bonds with new friends.  Most of all, we spent quality time with God.  We studied, reflected, interpreted and explored. We celebrated, played and worshiped.  I hope that we will have the opportunity to share some of our experiences with you.  When you see one of our campers, ask them to tell you about Passport.  I hope that you will see some of the excitement in their eyes that Lance and I were able to see each day at camp!