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From the Music Ministry…

by Angie Smith

Summer Choir and America, the Beautiful Summer Choir Summer Choir begins on Sunday, July 02. All singers of high school age and up are invited to participate! Beginning at 9am in the Music Suite, we will rehearse Sunday’s anthem and next Sunday’s anthem. We will follow this schedule from July 2 through August 13. If […]

From the Pastor….

by Angie Smith

A few years ago I wrote down what I thought were the “Parkway distinctives,” the characteristics of our congregation that were not unique to us, but that taken together provided a profile of who we are. I wanted our members to be able to articulate, beyond our shared faith in Jesus Christ, what we value […]

Blog From Kristy Engel….

by Angie Smith

“We are in this struggle together,”   Philippians 2:30a. As you have heard by now, our mission team to Bolivia was cut almost in half because the visas for three of our team members were denied. This comes on the heels of what seems like months of trials and attacks against the ministry at the […]

From the Children’s Committee….

by Angie Smith

If there is anything that we do a good job of teaching our children, it is that Jesus loves them. We want them to have that so ingrained in them that they never doubt that, no matter where they go or what they do, they can always count on the fact that they have a […]

From the Youth Ministry….

by Angie Smith

Youth Sunday was last month and I cannot tell you what an amazing experience it was to watch some of the young men and women of this congregation step up and lead worship. They wrote their own prayers, liturgies, and children’s sermon and they also picked the music for the morning as well. It became […]