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From the Pastor…

by Angie Smith

Parkway has some of the most intelligent, well-educated, and committed laypeople of any church I’ve ever known. Sunday School teachers and other church leaders clearly spend a great deal of time studying the Scriptures and reading books that help to deepen their spirituality. However, few people outside of the ministerial professions embark on  a long-term […]

From the Music Ministry…

by Angie Smith

Kumbaya When I was leading sing-a-longs in college for Baptist Student Union meetings back in the ‘80s (the 1980’s, thank you), Kumbaya was one of the standards. As with many folk songs, its simple chord structure and five note repetitive melody are easy to sing and easy to play. Kumbaya was regularly sung along with […]

From the Student Ministry…

by Angie Smith

Can Addition Actually Multiply? Can adding something to your life have an impact on the lives of others? We have just entered the season of Lent and the youth were discussing things we could go without that can stand in the way of time with God. We talked about phones, social media, and what we […]

From the Children’s Ministry…

by Angie Smith

One of the Wednesday night activities that the children and I enjoyed the most this year was Bible Art.  Each lesson consisted of a Bible story and an art activity to go along with it. The children loved the hands-on activities and I found it much easier to keep their attention for the Bible focus […]

Blog from Kristy Engel…..

by Angie Smith

The Whole Body I’ve recently been working on developing a program for community-based solutions to health issues. It’s meant to be taught over seven days and will include a lot of the trainings that I’ve learned over the last few years as a Global Consultant as well as my years working overseas. It is an […]