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From the Children’s Ministry….

by Angie Smith

A young kindergarten teacher once shared a beginning of the year activity with me that quickly became one of my favorites.  She took several colors of paint, paper plates, and brushes and begin to mix the paint.  The goal was to get the color to match the skin of each child as closely as possible. […]

From the Student Ministry….

by Angie Smith

“Who are you?” Identity is a big deal in the world today, and the world likes to shape what that identity is going to be. We have all heard many times that we should go “find ourselves,” to discover who we are, but what does that really mean? Do we find ourselves in others? Activities? […]

From the Music Ministry….

by Angie Smith

Five Hundredth Anniversary of the Reformation I received this in an email from the publishers of our hymnal, Celebrating Grace, and thought you would find it interesting. October 31, 1517, is widely held to be the day German monk Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg […]

Blog from Kristy Engel….

by Angie Smith

We all have something to offer This last week that I’ve been in the Dominican Republic has been quite an experience! I arrived one week ago, today (as I write this), believing that Hurricane Irma was going to exact similar damage to a place I had called home for twelve years as it did to […]

From the Pastor….

by Angie Smith

At whatever point in your life you decided to become a Christian you committed yourself to being a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. You did not merely agree to a set of doctrines; you did not only allow Christ’s sacrificial death to atone for your sins. You set your feet to follow in the footsteps […]