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Blog from Kristy Engel

by Angie Smith

Answering Common Questions This month, I wanted to answer a few questions that I get asked on a regular basis and which seem important given the climate of our times. My hope is that by sharing my answers to these questions, you will be able to do more than just muddle through and actually come […]

From the Pastor….

by Angie Smith

Do you realize you receive at least nineteen contacts from your church each month (assuming you have email)? Early every Tuesday you find a weekly email in your inbox. It lets you know of upcoming events, often several weeks in advance so you can mark your calendar. It helps to make you aware of mission […]

From the Children’s Ministry…

by Angie Smith

One of the new curriculums we are using on Wednesday nights is “Bible Art”. So far, we have worked with clay, craft sticks, paint, and crayons. The projects are more exploration and less direction. We take a story from the Bible and use it as a springboard for creativity. It is so much fun to […]

From the Music Ministry…

by Angie Smith

Counting Our Blessings One of my favorite hymns related to Thanksgiving is Count Your Blessings. Johnson Oatman of New Jersey wrote the text of this hymn in 1897 and Edwin O. Excell wrote the tune, “Blessings”. Johnson Oatman grew up in a musical family, enjoyed singing, and was granted a license to preach at the […]

From the Student Ministry….

by Angie Smith

How are your reflexes? The Parkway Student Ministry is currently going through the “I Am” statements of Jesus, and we have come to an interesting conclusion: We cannot reflect Jesus if we do not know Jesus. In many situations of our lives we want to do the “Christian” thing, but sometimes we do not. Why? […]