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Pastor’s Friday Comments (09.22.17)

by Angie Smith

I recently heard a talk about “information aversion,” the human tendency to avoid receiving negative news, even when hearing it has no bearing on its reality. Most of us prefer to remain “blissfully ignorant,” although, if we knew how bad a situation is, we could be spurred to action. Perhaps too often I begin my […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments 09.08.17

by Angie Smith

This week more than one hundred Cooperative Baptist pastors from across the United States signed a statement condemning racism, white supremacy and bigotry and committing to confront “any form of racism we encounter — individual and systemic.” The letter, titled “A Statement Concerning Racism in our Nation,” emphasizes that “silence is an affront to the […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (09.01.17)

by Angie Smith

As you read the headlines these days you can see that there is much of which to despair, from the loss of life and property from flooding in Texas (and India and Bangladesh) to the emergence from the shadows of overt racists seeking to hide behind the cover of historical legacy in Charlottesville (and Paris […]