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Pastor’s Friday Comments (03.16.18)

by Angie Smith

God bless the teenagers. Here I had been thinking of them (or most of them anyway) as self-absorbed, adult-averse, and screen-obsessed and then they go and do something like try to change the world. There is no way of knowing for sure how many young people walked out of their classes on Wednesday of this […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments…(03.09.18)

by admin

When Jesus asked his disciples at Caesarea Philippi who people thought he was (Mark 8:27-30 and parallels in Matthew and Luke), it sounds to the modern ear as if he was asking what people thought about him. Was he liked? Were his ideas popular? Was he starting to catch on? Did his message need to […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (02.23.18)

by Angie Smith

There’s a good chance that in the near future I’ll say something that some of you might not agree with. I mean, it’s happened before, right? So before I do, a brief primer in Baptist theology and practice is in order. Let us begin with the premise that we who have joined together as the […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (02.16.18)

by Angie Smith

I have been wrong many times. So many times. I have drawn conclusions about people and then, once I got to know them, discovered that my assessment was way off base. I have held strong beliefs about doctrines, biblical interpretation, and matters of the church, only to realize as time passed, as I gained experience, […]