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Pastor’s Friday Comments (12.07.18)

by Angie Smith

Most Christian families include one or more Nativity Scenes among their Christmas decorations. One of my personal favorites was given to us many years ago by a dear friend. It has always fallen to me to put out all the pieces — there are thirty of them — and it takes all the dexterity of […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (11.30.18)

by Angie Smith

I suspect most rituals don’t start out as such. They’re just something you do, then you do them again, and eventually it’s hard to see not doing them. A few years ago, on the First Sunday of Advent, during the Hanging of the Greens, I walked around the sanctuary with the children, explaining the background […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (11.23.18)

by Angie Smith

Today is Black Friday. Ready, set, go! Does it seem to you that this thing of giving Christmas gifts has gotten a little out of hand? I don’t want to sound like a Grinch, but it feels like the expectation of giving a gift to everyone with whom you have any contact has gotten stronger […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (11.16.18)

by Angie Smith

Last week I spent a few days away in a secluded place, mainly to prepare a preaching plan for the next Christian year, but also to have some time to reconnect with why I do what I do as a minister. Even if you don’t have a goal of producing something — perhaps especially if […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (11.09.18)

by Angie Smith

I once read that a detective observed that no one enters a room without bringing something with them and no one leaves a room without taking something away. I suppose he was referring particularly to small things that might be a clue in an investigation — a piece of lint, dirt on your shoes, etc. […]