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Pastor’s Friday Comments (07.13.18)

by Angie Smith

I read an interesting article this week by a woman from India who said that it took her ten years of living in the United States before she learned to make the kind of small talk in which we commonly engage with cashiers, baristas, wait staff, and others with whom we are having brief business […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (07.06.18)

by Angie Smith

If you haven’t already seen Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, the documentary about the life of Fred Rogers, cancel whatever plans you have for tonight and go see it. I need to warn you though — if you don’t cry, at least a little bit, you may not have a pulse. A few of the […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (06/29/18)

by Angie Smith

Last Wednesday evening in Bible study, I read my comments that were to appear on Friday in our Friday Reminders email. In them I was reacting to the misuse of Scripture in defense of public policy, but I further observed that I don’t often wade into such murky water. I was doing so now, not […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (06.22.18)

by Angie Smith

Matthew 27:5: [Judas] “went and hanged himself.” Luke 10:37: “Go and do likewise.” John 13:27: “Do quickly what you are going to do.” That’s a little exercise I learned in seminary to demonstrate the danger in cherry-picking verses of Scripture. If you put your mind to it, you can contort verses in the Bible to […]