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Pastor’s Friday Comments (01.19.18)

by Angie Smith

For our twenty-fifth anniversary (a very long time ago) Linda and I spent a week at a very nice resort in Jamaica. We flew into the main airport and could have taken a puddle-jumper from there to the resort, but because our budget was limited it was prudent to ride a couple of hours in […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (01.12.18)

by Angie Smith

One of the many things I will miss, now that the college football season is over, is a Chick-fil-a commercial that exploits the rivalry between the University of Georgia and Auburn University to sell chicken sandwiches. For one day the company constructs a free-standing restaurant on the Georgia-Alabama border so that friendly rivals can break […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (01.05.18)

by Angie Smith

I hope this will not be taken as curmudgeonly ranting, but I am bored to tears with our culture. I am bored with politicians trying to get our attention by substituting shocking statements and 280 character outbursts for thoughtful dialogue and deliberative decision-making. I am bored with companies trying to get my attention by seeking […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (12.29.17)

by Angie Smith

Recently, in varying circumstances and through various media, several of our members have expressed to me how important their family of faith at Parkway is to them. In particular, some of them mentioned how much they were looking forward to being in the services of the Christmas Season. Each of these people feels a deep […]